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Tilting Towers - Process

This project was a lot of fun to work on. I did my thumbnails on paper per usual, just to get my thoughts out as quickly as possible, and because it forces me to be deliberate. You can't erase marker.

I ended up continuing on with #2 and #15 to create my color comps. The rest of this project was done digitally, because I had misplaced my ink pens, so no watercolors this time! That, being said, all my value and color was done with my digital watercolor brushes.

After getting some super valuable feedback, I decided to continue on with the very last color comp I had made, the towers with the warmer, more yellow tint. Some things I added were things in the windows, flower boxes, and birds!

I got even more feedback, and made some quick final revisions. I added stronger shadows to emphasize the light coming from the sky and illuminating the buildings, and I put a couple more birds flying though the scene.

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