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Twin Tikis - Process

I don't typically do watercolors this large. I still will not typically do watercolors this large. However, because the commission was coming from my mother, I had to make an exception.


My mom has been bugging me about doing some tiki watercolors for my parents' house for what feels like the entire time she's lived there. When I finally got around to it, I figured I should go big or go home with it. Watercolor paper doesn't really come in pads larger than 18x24, but since I'm on vacation and was short on pads, I picked up just one piece of paper for this project since I have a whole pad a home. Single paper comes in 22x30, so today, we're making two 11x30 watercolors.

It's a challenge to paint that large because of how fast the paint dries, or at least stains the paper enough to become somewhat immovable. That was sort of my biggest hurdle to overcome with these illustrations.

I ended up making these cute twin ones, one male and the other female. My mom really wanted the top to be a scull with a pineapple for a head, so I did a hibiscus on the other one to match. They were super cute to make (I love the deckled edge!) and although they took me forever, I'm super happy about the finished product! I'll probably end up scanning them at a large format scanner and uploading them as prints in the near future!

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