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We Need To Go Deeper - Process

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

This was a little bit of a warmup drawing this particular morning. I spent about a hour-and-a-half on this piece. Since I was up late last night playing Minecraft with some friends, I definitely took a lot of inspiration from there.

I tried to keep this drawing really loose, just to warm up my hands. I've also tried to start putting more figures in my environments, both for size reference (in set design scale models, you always want to include a six-foot-tall person for scale) as well as to bring more character (get it, character?) to my work. So this was another opportunity to practice my figure drawing.

My Life Drawing professor this fall had given me some really great advice I'd like to share with you. I'm really comfortable with drawing from reference, but when it comes to posing characters from imagination, I end up with really stiff looking people. She said that 1- the people who say you're not really a good artist if you can't draw everything from imagination are lying to you, and 2- you can always get someone to pose for you, or photograph yourself, or find a reference image of the pose you want online, and then just don't use the likeness of that person (change proportions: make them skinnier or fatter, give them longer limbs and a shorter torso, etc.). I thought that was pretty sweet advice that a lot of people just don't think to do. But since I'm lazy, I went out and bought those little Body-kun and Body-chan action figures to mess around with for poses. I think they're better than wooden mannequins because they show way better muscle definition, and that's what I used as reference for this drawing.

Then, like every other drawing, we go and do our sketch underneath and block in our basic colors. I ended up hating how all over the place the color palette was, there was far too much going on between the yellows and greens and browns and grays and purples, so I ended up changing the setting to nighttime, so I could make the image more violet, and unify the color palette a little bit.

It was looking dark after I decided to make it nighttime, so I plopped down some torches to create a little bit of lighting and visual interest around the main area the viewer should be looking.

If I were to go back and change anything, I might actually use a monochromatic color palette and really push some atmospheric perspective into the piece. Otherwise, I'm pretty happy with the results of this little warmup drawing, and I'm looking forward to making something a little higher quality later today.

Additionally: I'm experimenting with sharing my process more on Twitch! There is a little art community on Twitch, and I think it's a really interesting real-time and personal way to share your work and to get ideas from other people. If that's something you're interested in, you can find me on Twitch as BlackberrySoda7.

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