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Winter, Movement One - Process

For my PROD303 class "Interpreting the Script", we had a super fun assignment to create a piece of art that reacts to the emotional qualities of a song. Similar to what they sort of did in Walt Disney's "Fantasia".

I of course chose what I believe to be a song with incredible story-telling capabilities: "Winter" from Antonio Vivaldi's "The Four Seasons". (You might remember it from a super fun orchestra experience, or from John Wick 3 if you're a film nerd.) The song itself has three very distinct parts, or movements: each of which tell their own segment of a larger story.

The first movement is all about this sort of anxiety inducing blizzard, these whipping winds and heavy snowfall. The chill of the winter air blowing through your clothes and into your bones, and the fear felt when slipping on ice. This is the movement I made my emotional response for. The second is about the calm after the snowstorm: the sun rising on a bright snowy day with clear skies, little animals darting through the snow, taking a walk holding a loved one's hand. The snow comes back again for a little and then it leads us into the third movement which has a lot more physical motion in it. It makes me think of sledding, skiing, having a snowball fight: those exhilarating activities of winter.

In any case, I've included my 25-ish minute drawing and a process video below for your enjoyment, as well as attached a link to what I believe to be a really solid version of "Winter". A loved-one of mine describes the movement one solo like "the instrumentalist is fighting with their violin" really emphasizing the aggression of winter.

This second version is also very good!

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