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Watercolor / Gouache Commissions

Custom commissions are always made by hand, specially for you. They make for exquisite gifts, and are a truly beautiful way to preserve your favorite memories.

For clients local to the Greater Orlando area, the artist would also be delighted to be present as a consultant for framing and installation for no additional charge.

Please see FAQs below for additional information.




Fits beautifully into many 5x7, 8x10, and 11x14 ready-made frames



Fits beautifully into a ready-made 11x14 frame with a 2-inch mat



Fits beautifully into a ready-made 16x20 frame with custom mat




Fits beautifully into a ready-made 20x24 frame with a 2-inch mat




Fits beautifully into a ready-made 24x30 frame with a 3-inch mat



Fits beautifully into a ready-made 24x36 frame with a 3-inch mat



custom framing recommended 




deckled edge paper; best to float on top of mat; custom framing recommended

Sales tax not included. Payment of 50% deposit is accepted before any work on commission begins.


Client is responsible for shipping costs if necessary.

Shipping costs for traditional media commissions 9x12 or smaller typically cost $10-$20; over 9x12 typically cost $40-$60.


Custom art does not come framed.


What watercolor materials do you use?

All of my custom commissions are created on cold-pressed heavyweight (300gsm or higher) watercolor paper or specially-treated canvas with Daniel Smith watercolors, Holbien Artist's Gouache, and Micron ink pens. Everything I use is of archival quality to ensure your watercolor illustrations will last for years to come.

Will my art be reproduced?

Nope! I always guarantee that my clients' commissions will never be reproduced or made into additional prints. Your custom work of art is special, and I want you to feel special by knowing you have the only version in existence.


How do I know what size I need?

First, find the place in your home or friend's home where the custom illustration will be displayed. Your commission will want to fit comfortably against that wall with at least a 2-inch mat all the way around, and a minimum of a 1 or 2-inch frame all the way around. Larger sized pieces of art will also require additional mat and frame thickness to balance the scale of the artwork itself.

Do you make even bigger or smaller watercolors?

It all depends on the size. I can make custom illustrations much smaller than 7x10, but the absolute largest I can make is 22x30. I would recommend any of my standard sizes, but please contact me regarding custom sizes and we can work something out.


Does your art come pre-matted?

Nope! All custom commissions, as well as prints come just as they are. Thankfully, most standard commission sizes fit perfectly in ready-made frames if you put a 2-inch mat all the way around, so you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on custom framing!

How long will my commission take?

From the time of payment, commissions can take up to 6 weeks to complete. Time of year can also impact the timeline of custom pieces, as orders can get backed up around holidays. If you need a work of art more quickly than 6 weeks, please let me know as soon as we begin our relationship, so we can expedite the process as much as possible. Time of completion can also be delayed as edits await approval by the client.

What kind of edits can be made mid-process?

Pencil underdrawings of watercolor and gouache commissions will be sent to the client for approval. At the time of viewing the sketch, clients may make requests to adjust elements of the image and suggest specific color palettes. Final color and texture are up to the discretion of the artist. Once the pencil sketch has been approved and the painting process has begun, no additional changes can be made due to the permanent nature of paint and ink.

What factors influence price?

Traditional hand-painted commissions are priced by their size, but I will put all the time and work necessary to create a beautiful piece of art for you regardless of size. Expedited completion is also an additional fee if needed in one week or 48 hours, due to your commission requiring faster completion at the expense of other clients' pieces.

Can I commission a piece in another medium?

Absolutely! I work with pencils, ink, acrylic paints, and digital media, so those are other options as well! Since some of these mediums aren't standard for me, pricing will vary depending on the size and complexity of the commission. Feel free to fill out the commission form and specify what medium you're looking for, and we can get started on a beautiful custom work of art!

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