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Bringing the Overlooked to Life

     Katherine Knapik is a fine artist, graphic designer, entertainment and interior designer, and scenic fabricator with a passion for making people stop and smell the roses and finding beauty in the mundane.

     Growing up, Katherine got to spend a lot of time outside and traveling, and was overwhelmed by the beauty of nature and its intersection with the man-made world of architecture. She uses her skills now in painting and design to depict the everyday sights of rocks, trees, and buildings as beautiful illustrations and environments for the stage and beyond.

     Katherine also was lucky enough to grow up near all of Orlando's most iconic themed entertainment, and exploring the magical walkthrough environments of the theme parks as a child gave her a curiosity for how they were made as an adult.


     Moving to Savannah temporarily in 2019, Katherine is currently finishing up her BFA in Set Design at the Savannah College of Art and Design, with a minor in Concept Design for Animation and Games. While working on her degree, she has been able to grow her following and client base as an illustrator, surface designer, and mural artist. She has also been able to work as a scenic designer for a mainstage musical production of All Shook Up at SCAD, and a scenic painter there as well. In 2022, she worked as a scenic painter and carpenter in Orlando, and was able to further her education outside of the classroom, working on projects for museums and the theme parks she loved so much as a child: a dream that came true and is still coming true.


     Katherine now splits her time between Savannah and Daytona Beach, and has found fabulous communities of other artists and art-lovers in both locations. On the days where she isn't working on commissions or completing her degree, Katherine likes sitting on her patio drinking coffee or rum depending on the time of day, surrounded by her 30+ houseplants and her hamster, Cornelia.

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