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Begin Your Commission Process!

Send me your specifications and a brief description of what you’re looking for to begin our relationship! I’ll email you back shortly, and we can discuss reference images and payment before I begin work on your new piece of art!

Payment of a 50% deposit will be accepted via Zelle, Venmo, or emailed invoice before any work on the commission begins. Clients are responsible for additional shipping costs of traditional artwork if necessary.

If you are looking to collaborate with me on a graphic design (logo, graphics, stickers and t-shirt designs), please email me via the Contact page of this site.
Which of these apply to your commission?

Thanks for submitting!

Additional Terms

For purposes of these terms, the "client" is whoever is paying the artist (Katherine Knapik) for a custom work of art.


No work will begin on the commission until deposit of at least 50% has been paid to the artist via Venmo, Zelle, card, or check. Checks cannot be mailed and must be delivered/received in person. In the event of expedited completion required, 50% of the base price will be added for 1 Week completion, and 100% will be added for 48 Hour completion. An additional 50% fee will be charged if your 1 Week turnaround time falls the week of Christmas and New Year's, or the week of April 5th.

Clients who commission works in digital media will not receive a digital form of the work to prevent unlawful reproduction of the work. The artist maintains the right to use images of your commission for promotional use but will not sell reproductions of your one-of-a-kind work of art.

Client acknowledges that they are purchasing the vision of the artist and that interpretation of their reference images is a stylistic and artistic representation. Client acknowledges they are purchasing a one-of-a-kind illustration, not a photograph or photo-realistic representation of reality.

For traditional media commissions: client may request changes to the composition of the image during the initial sketch phase of the commission. Final decisions regarding color, texture, and everything else are up to the discretion of the artist. Edits cannot be made once the artwork is completed.

For digital media commissions: client may make requests to change the composition during the sketch phase of the process, and can again make requests to change the overall color palette of the image. Finals decisions for texture, inking, etc. are up to the discretion of the artist. Edits cannot be made once the artwork is completed and one-of-a-kind giclee print has been manufactured.

Client will not see their completed commission until it is paid for in full and delivered.

Client is responsible for all shipping costs, which will be calculated (if applicable) once the commission has been completed and will be charged separately at the end of the commission process. Finished commission will not be shipped (if applicable) until remaining balance has been paid in full.

Client acknowledges that custom artwork does not come framed.

Custom artwork is non-refundable post-completion, and once any work has begun on the commission, deposit is also nonrefundable.

All above terms are subject to change without notice. You agree to these terms when you pay the deposit for your commission.

Legal Notice

In all business arrangements, the client is licensing the intellectual property of Katherine Knapik. The client has no legal claim to any of Katherine Knapik's illustrations or designs, even illustrations where the client gave input on the direction of the project. The right to all visual artwork created by Katherine L Knapik belongs to her solely, including distribution rights (United States Code, Title 17, Chapter 1, Sections 102 & 106). It is not classified as Work For Hire (Chapter 2, Section 201) as a freelancer is not your employee, and rights to copyrighted works are not transferred to clients of freelance artists unless an explicit Work Made For Hire contract is signed by both parties. The artist will never sign a Work Made for Hire contract for freelance work. In the event of the artist's death, copyrights are transferred to her family.

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