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  • You may find yourself wanting a canvas print of an artwork not currently listed or a size that is non-standard; here is where you can order it!


    Canvas print on 2-inch deep canvas with excellent color accuracy and detail. Can be presented on your wall with or without a frame. Custom printed to order!

    Edge of canvas comes black by default, but can be made with a white edge if specified.


    Please note that while all artwork can be printed in any size, choosing an aspect ratio incongruent with original artwork may result in cropping of art. The artist will do her best to create a visually appealing composition within unusual aspect ratios; please contact the artist if you would like a proof of your canvas print.


    Please contact artist via email if you are interested in a size other than those listed. Minimum size 8x8; maximum size 44x60.

    Custom Canvas Prints

    PriceFrom $84.00
    Sales Tax Included

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